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Rtech is maniacally focused on your success

Rtech provides the best infrastructure, Big Data platform, and

expert ops team to ensure that you win with Big Data.

Rtech provides the fastest time from Big Data to business value. That’s why Rtech customers include some of the most sophisticated and demanding users of Big Data, with data sets ranging from terabytes to multiple petabytes.

As a cloud-based service, Rtech is the fastest way to get up and running with Big Data.


Unlike on-premises implementations, which take months to deploy and require significant upfront costs for hardware, software, and personnel, Rtech can get you a full Big Data platform and data science workbench in just days.


And since we run the platform for you, you experience high reliability, scalability, and performance, all without having to hire new headcount or redeploy anyone on your team. You can focus on what you do best and leave the job-fixing and tuning to us. At Rtech, it just works.

Altiscale is worth it. Our customers agree.


An independent analysis of Altiscale

customers found the following financial benefits based on switching from an infrastructure-as-a-service provider to Altiscale.


Payback period of less than 90 days. Altiscale is so much better than what you’re doing now, it pays for itself in less than 90 days. Those other 275 days of the year? It’s all upside for you.


ROI of over 100%. The research firm found that companies saved so much in terms of labor and service costs that for every dollar companies spent on Altiscale, they got two dollars back in benefits over three years. And they weren’t even factoring in the benefit of having their data scientists and IT staff working on bigger and better things with all the time they saved.


Job failures reduced by 60%. Job failures cost you in time, money, and headaches. With Altiscale, job failure is kept to a minimum.


Job completion times reduced by 46%. Have a need for speed? In some cases, we’ve reduced job completion times for extra gnarly jobs from three weeks to less than three days. On average, Altiscale cuts job completion time in nearly half. What will you do with twice as much time in your week?

It’s not about nodes. It’s not about the cost per processing unit. It’s about the cost per successful job. It’s about the value of your time.


With Altiscale, jobs complete quickly, reliably, and with minimal hassle. Our customers find themselves with the results they need, without extra stress and without having to pay through the nose.


In fact, they have so much more time and energy that they find new ways of doing great things with Big Data, dreaming up new products to build, services to offer, and customers to pursue.


So if you’re comparing vendors, start thinking about the bigger picture. Get the solution that just works.

But what about Amazon EMR?


Infrastructure-as-a-service providers like Amazon EMR and Microsoft Azure HD leave you to run everything yourself, with a lot of headaches and hair-raising surprise costs at the end of the month. To learn more, check out this whitepaper: "8 Myths about Amazon EMR."

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Want a faster, easier, and more rewarding Big Data experience? We're here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider Big Data-as-a-service?


Big Data is very different from most other systems that run in the IT environment. Not only is Big Data infrastructure optimized differently, it requires significant data center investment due to its scale-out nature. Organizations that choose a do-it-yourself approach also need to assemble an operations team with the right set of skills and experience to run Big Data in production. If you wish to focus on your business—and not running Big Data—then Rtech’s Big Data-as-a-service allows you instant access to Hadoop and Spark without the hassle of building and operating it yourself.


How is Rtech different from other Big Data cloud offerings?


The Rtech Data Cloud is a fully managed Big Data platform. Infrastructure-as-a-service options simply provide the infrastructure on which users have to procure, install, and configure their own software. Services billed as Hadoop cloud deployments only handle the installation of Hadoop on cloud infrastructure—they lack ongoing operations support. In contrast, Rtech provides everything you need—hardware, software, and operations—for production-quality Big Data in the cloud.

Which organizations can benefit from using



Hadoop, on which the Rtech Data Cloud is based, is a general-purpose software framework, meaning many types of applications can be built on top of it. Organizations—from any industry—implementing data lakes, large-scale data processing, or advanced analytics can achieve business value more quickly using Rtech. Both smaller organizations that do not operate their own data centers and larger ones that wish to offload Big Data operations from their IT teams can benefit from Rtech’s comprehensive Big Data platform, complete with operations.


How is Rtech Data Cloud priced?


Rtech Data Cloud users are billed a flat monthly subscription based on expected usage, meaning there are no surprises at the end of the month. Users have the flexibility to exceed their subscription plan when necessary and only need to subscribe at the level of their expected average usage. This pricing benefits users by offering predictable billing for their Big Data needs while simultaneously allowing clusters to be elastic to accommodate spiky workloads.

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