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Enterprise-class security.

With the certifications to prove it.

Trusted by a spectrum of companies with sensitive
information to protect, from financial services firms
to online gaming companies.


Achieving comprehensive security for Hadoop requires policies, procedures, and technologies that go well beyond Hadoop’s built-in security mechanisms. In order to safeguard customer data and meet customer compliance requirements, Rtech employs a multi-layered, overlapping approach to data protection—an approach based on years of deep Hadoop security expertise. As a result, the Rtech offers a more secure environment than what is available almost anywhere, whether in the cloud or on-premises.


Rtech is proud to have its security policies, procedures, and technologies recognized by outside, independent auditors and certification bodies. Altiscale is SOC2 certified and compliant with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

A multi-layered approach to security.


Since the security landscape is continually shifting with the emergence of new threats, Altiscale adapts and advances its security practices continuously.


The following are examples of some of the measures Altiscale takes to ensure your data are safe.

Strict Data Access and User Authentication Measures


  • Rigorous, verified security policies and procedures for data access. Rtech adheres to strict, documented policies for data access and privacy, verified by independent auditors.

  • Isolated customer data environments. Multiple layers of virtualization, security, and monitoring ensure that customer data remains fully protected.

  • Automatic Kerberos authentication. A sophisticated architecture prevents unauthorized access and greatly reduces the potential attack vectors available to intruders.

  • SSH keys for access to customer environments. Customers generate their own SSH keys for access to the Rtech Data Cloud.

Secure Data


Rtech offers three methods for the secure transfer of data to and from the Rtech Data Cloud.


  • Multiple encryption technologies for access over the public Internet.

  • Private fiber cross connects directly to Rtech.

  • Shipment of encrypted physical media.

Monitoring and Threat Response


  • 24x7 monitoring of all systems. Includes comprehensive logging.

  • Rapid response team. Should the need arise, the Rtech security rapid response team is ready to move quickly to identify and address emerging security situations. The team conducts regular drills to maintain readiness.

  • Root cause analysis to prevent future threats. Security issues, when they occur, are thoroughly analyzed to identify the root cause of the incident. Any vulnerabilities are rapidly addressed to minimize future threats.

Hardened Data Centers


  • Redundant, highly secure colocation facilities. Customers of these datacenters include security-conscious departments of the United States government.

  • Limited personnel access. Only a select set of highly trained employees can access customer environments for maintenance and support.

  • Multi-tier access controls. Security measures to limit access only to specific, authorized individuals include biometrics, man-traps, physically isolated cages and cabinets, and security guards.

A team you can trust.


The Rtech security and operations teams have extensive backgrounds in security practices, having worked as technology leaders at security-conscious cloud providers such as Yahoo!, Google, and LinkedIn.

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