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Don't go it alone. Rtech gives you Big Data.



Big Data is

a big challenge.

A robust ecosystem delivering sophisticated technology and specialized expertise enables Rtech customers to quickly uncover insights from their vast amounts of data. Through its partnerships with leading analytics, applications, and service providers, Rtech combines the world’s leading Big Data-as-a-service offering with enterprise-class solutions that are ready to address customer-specific use cases and business challenges.

Become a partner.


Put the leading Big Data-as-a-service firm in your corner.

Big Data is a big challenge. Don’t go it alone. Rtech is organizing a partner team of technology, SI, and solution companies that can help customers make the most of the data available to them.


Partners enjoy a close relationship with Rtech, with advanced information about future product development and the ability to establish relationships with the Rtech development team, so that we can build great things together.

Let’s build the nextgeneration of Big Data solutions together.


Become a Rtech partner today.

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